dimanche 30 septembre 2007

Bootleg 2.0 : PaNoPTiCoN live @ Atelier210

A pleasant evening with some great moments among
relentless lenghts, but that's part of the deal when it comes to
pure improvisation. The whole set sounded jazzier than before.

Improvised and recorded live @ Atelier210
Brussels, Belgium, September 27th 2007

Christophe Bouquelle (electric guitar)
Lewis Dijkstra (alto saxophone)
Fabrice Fardelli (electric guitar)
Chervin Laporte (Fender Rhodes)
Daniel Palomo Vinuesa (soprano saxophone, ewi, effects)
Constantin Papageorgiadis (bass)
Domenico Solazzo (drums, ballaphon, direction, recording)

Jean-Manuel Roy (pictures)
Gaetan Hachez (video projection)


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