lundi 23 juin 2008

Jean-Jacques Duerinckx

Jean-Jacques Duerinckx
baryton and sopranino saxophones


Composer/improviser/soundpainter (under the guidance of Walter Thompson), he had class with Philippe Leblanc and Fabrizio Cassol. First influenced by Steve Lacy, his meeting with worldwide know french saxophone player Michel Doneda was quite decisive, and began to enrich his instrumental technque for sopranino saxophone, working primarly the sonic paste, breath, multiphonic sounds, the richness of tone to end up with a personal mode of expression. In this context, he's in constant search for collaboration with other ways of artistic expressions where he can bring this unique color. In free improvisation, he loves to share those unique subtle, fragile but oh so profound, intense and surprising moments. Using the sonic matterla of the instrument as prime vector of energy is one of the main points of his artistic expression. He played with a wide range of worldwide know improvisers : Lol Coxhill, John Russel, Paul Rutherford, Jim Denley John Edwards, Jacques Foschia, Peter Jacquemyn, Tatsuya Nakatani, Jean Bordé, Bertrand Gauguet, Mike Goyvaerts … and recently Jonas Kocher, Christoph Schiller ... With Harold Schellinx, he created the duo A Table ! Recently, with composer Stephan Dunkelman , he's developping a mixed electroacoustic musical project.


performed on the following bootlegs :

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