mardi 1 juin 2010

Bootleg 6.4 : 4 Corners of The World Vol. 1

The last concert of our Cycle Tour saw us play four sets in a row !
From these four hours of wild improvisation, we had enough material to present a double cd set. This is the first volume. The second one will be published during next season ...

Improvised and recorded live @ Café Aux 4 Coins du Monde
Brussels, Belgium, June 18th 2010

Olivier Catala (bass)
Diego Delgado Lopez (electric guitar, effects)
Jean-Jacques Duerinckx (baryton saxophone on 10)
Antoine Guenet (keyboards)
Rik Staelens (alto & soprano saxophones)
Domenico Solazzo (drums, direction)

Bec Lee (cover collage)
William Mauroy (pictures)