dimanche 8 avril 2012

Live Remains Volume Two

The second installation of the Live Remains Serie continues to bring back to life some incredible moments that everyone in the band seem to have forgotten, somehow giving new perspective to both past famous and unfamous performances.

Improvised and recorded live at various locations
from april 2007 to january 2012

Fred Becker (soprano saxophone)
Olivier Catala (bass)
Géraldine Clément (flute)
Diego Delgado Lopez (guitar)
Yves Dellicour (soprano saxophone)
Pierrot Delor (percussions)
Michel Delville (guitar)
Michel Dethier (guitar)
Jean-Jacques Duerinckx (baryton saxophone)
Léo Dupleix (keyboards)
Fabrice Fardelli
Antoine Guenet (keyboards and piano)
Chervin Laporte (keyboards)
Jean-Paul Lossignol (trumpet)
François Lourtie (soprano saxophone)
Peter Malfliet (trombone)
Pierre Mottet (bass)
Bruno Nobi (alto saxophone)
Daniel Palomo Vinuesa (soprano saxophone and ewi)
Constantin Papageorgiadis (bass)
Jan Rzewski (soprano saxophone)
Matthieu Safatly (electric cello)
Catherine Smet (keyboards and piano)
Rik Staelens (saxophones)
Juan Salvador Tello (guitar)
 Domenico Solazzo (drums, percussions, laptop, direction)

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